Starting out as a child with a 'hand me down' box camera and black and white film, Michael was introduced to the basic skills of capturing images by his father. He learnt his initial development and printing skills in the family's cramped makeshift darkroom. Nowadays, Michael uses digital slr's, as well as film based medium format cameras to take his images. He currently processes these much more comfortably using software in the modern digital darkroom. British born and of Basque descent, his strong ties to the Basque Country, "Euskual Herria" have, since very early childhood, forged his knowledge of the area. To this day he remains in awe of this outstandingly beautiful area, which covers parts of both North Eastern Spain and South Western France. An area which is responsible for kindling his passion for nature and his involvement in the world of environmental protection. Inspired by the open spaces he has access to, he tries to capture the essence of its hills, forests, mountains, lakes, beaches, rugged coastline and wildlife. Spoilt for choice in terms of the photographic opportunities the Basque Country and surrounding areas provide, he also ventures further afield to maximise the variety of locations and material he is able to shoot. Generally working in low light conditions, he endeavours to bring out the best in his images through the use of both monochrome and colour mediums. He works in partnership with Hahnemühle Fine Art, the purveyor of high quality fine art papers, accepts commissions, regularly exhibits his work, sells both limited and open edition prints internationally and runs select landscape & wildlife photography & holidays both in France and abroad.

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