"It was a wonderful five days. We worked very hard each day – shooting early in the morning and late with plenty of time to learn. Thank you for a great course, exhausted but happy"…….. Roxy 2011

"Excellent, unique, best course ever!" ……. Dennis Bennet 2011

"Wonderful course, full of surprises. Well tailored to suit any level of experience. Can’t wait to try out new skills and come back for more"……… Erin Nesbitt-Hawes 2011

"Michael provided a great insight into taking and producing fantastic landscapes, with a laid back manner, in incredible locations"…….. Roger Ford 2011

"I am very happy that we visited a great variety of locations, having been to some previously was an advantage, enabling better photography as I knew what I had done previously. This week has been a great holiday both refreshing in mind and spirit and with the achievement of some great images. As a previous client I have thoroughly enjoyed the week, have been inspired to try different ways of developing pictures" Andy Askey 2011

"I enjoyed the locations, the landscapes...Michael explains things well and is patient with beginners. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me". (Translated from French) Mme Rivière 2011

"A relaxed and enjoyable course, in short, it was just pure pleasure. Thank you very much and see you again soon, I hope".
(Translated from French) Sylvain Guezenec 2011

"The best things in the course were:- the small number of people, the taking of photographs and the hands-on post processing. Michael’s professionalism and savoir faire".
(Translated from French) Franck Chabasseur 2011

"This is without doubt the best photography course I have been on. Amazingly varied scenery, superbly organised and with a very talented teacher who really does know how to teach and doesn't make you feel inadequate. Small groups mean you get top attention...... My mother and I had a wonderful weekend with all the recommendations for hotels and meals spot on".
Sarah Jenkins 2010

"Great variety of locations and opportunities for shots, well exceeded my expectations. Good balance between photo shooting and computer work. It took the mystery out of what shot to take when faced with a great view (now for practising it more). It was great to have someone explaining things who is very patient, with a sense of humour, enthusiasm, keep it simple approach, and good at explaining things. Just how I like it.... Great countryside and scenery. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend!"
Angelika Schneider 2010

"The whole experience has been great. I had some ideas about what to expect having been previously, but as last time, all expectations were exceeded. Your expert knowledge of venues/light conditions, with just the right balance between a plan for the day and the flexibility to change was much appreciated. This week has been very enjoyable, a holiday (with good weather, good food, good company) in a beautiful area, with the added extra of fantastic photography".
Andy Askey 2010

"I wasn't much of a photographer until your course. Now I am full of ideas and better than that I stand a chance of turning them into a photograph worthy of my wall. It's given me a lot to get busy with in my retirement. Thank you michael, I had a brilliant few days".
Valerie Howling 2010

"My wife and I recently spent a couple of excellent days with Mike in the beautiful Basque country. While there he took us out on several expeditions to capture some brilliant images. The landscape in the area, particularly at dawn and dusk, is astounding and extremely photogenic. Mike has spent much of his time in this area and he knows of many little beautiful nooks and crannies that a less-knowledgeable person would miss. He also paid particular attention to what we wanted to do with our photography, which made the trip even more bespoke. In my time with him I not only brushed up on my in-camera technique to help when taking pictures, but also learned about making pictures in the digital darkroom. This was a revelation to me, and has really added an extra dimension to my photography and taken it to a new level. Mike is obviously passionate about his craft, and I would recommend his courses to anyone".
Simon and Helen White, Tamworth 2010.

"A two day landscape photography course in a superb area...... a welcoming and pleasant hotel in terms of room and restaurant. A competent teacher who is passionate and knowlegeable about his craft. What more can one ask? My only wish is to go on another of Mike's courses".
Jean-Marc Laulhere-Vigneau 2010 (translated from French)

"The course was very enjoyable at every level, friendly, professional, approachable teacher and a superb region which lends itself to varied photography......(the ocean and mountains in my case). In summary this course has deepened my knowledge of techniques which I wanted to know about and introduced me to new photographic horizons which I hadn't even yet considered..... So thanks Michael".
Richard Auriolle 2010 (translated from French)